Reduce Back Pain

Experiencing Back Pain?

If you experience back pain, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with chronic back pain every day. Many turn to expensive medication and years of physical therapy for relief, yet back pain can often be reduced simply by choosing a mattress that’s better suited for your sleeping style, support needs, and comfort preferences. A quality mattress should provide proper support for your back while feeling as comfortable as possible.

Conforming Support

As you shop for a new mattress, look for one that’s made to conform to the natural curves of your body. Keeping your spine properly aligned as you sleep is essential to getting supportive, comfortable rest. Many mattresses are built with sophisticated coil systems and advanced foam technologies to ensure that your back gets the right amount of support for your needs.

Even Comfort

If your mattress is prone to creating pressure points, you’re likely to move more often throughout the night, which can greatly reduce the quality of your sleep. The more you toss and turn, the less time you spend in the deep sleep your body needs to rejuvenate and restore. Choose a model that distributes pressure evenly against your body to promote better circulation. If you share a bed, you’ll want a mattress designed to reduce motion transfer between sleeping partners for undisturbed, restful sleep.

Complete Edge

Make sure your new mattress has adequate perimeter support. A quality mattress should provide comfortable, uniform support across the entire surface, and a solid seating edge. Mattresses with a foam encased edge support do an excellent job of maintaining uniform comfort across the entire sleep surface. Plus, models designed with adequate edge support have up to 20% more usable sleep surface. Keep these criteria in mind as your search for your new mattress, and you’ll be on your way to back pain relief in no time at all.

It is a very comforting feeling to have just the right pillow to rest an achy, tired body on. In addition to providing comfort, the right pillows can also provide the necessary support for the neck and spine – alleviating or preventing many common forms of back pain and neck pain.

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